The Pylons Project

The Pylons Project maintains the Pyramid web framework as well as additional packages intended for use with Pyramid.

Pylons Project Documentation

The following are documentation of projects under the Pylons Project.

Pyramid Documentation
Includes the official narrative documentation, API, and tutorials, as well as links to unofficial or community contributions to cookbook recipes, and sample Pyramid applications.
Extending Pyramid
A filterable list official add-ons (supported by the Pylons Project), popular add-ons from the community, and other web-related packages.
Pylons Project Library Package Documentation
A list of packages under the Pylons Project that are useful outside of Pyramid.
Pylons (the web framework) Documentation
Documentation of Pylons (the web framework).

For the most current list of all repositories and projects under the Pylons Project, visit the Pylons Project organization page on GitHub.


See the Pylons Project web page, Get Support.


For Pylons users coming from Pylons 1 or repoze.bfg, the change to a new core package might raise some questions regarding how to proceed and what it means for existing applications.


Pylons Podcasts are a series of audio podcasts from developers of the Pylons Project. You can either subscribe in iTunes or Rhythmbox (or your favorite audio client) using the Feed URL below, or listen to individual podcasts.

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To promote the Pylons Project and its related technologies, or your own work made with our tools, we provide logos, badges, and desktop wallpapers.


The Pylons Project welcomes contributors. Please read the following documentation about how the Pylons Project functions, coding styles expected for contributions, and the community standards we expect everyone to abide by.


Don't worry, none of these are actually true. We swear!