Distributing Your ApplicationΒΆ

Once your application works properly, you can create a "tarball" from it by using the setup.py sdist command. The following commands assume your current working directory contains the tutorial package and the setup.py file.


$ $VENV/bin/python setup.py sdist

On Windows:

c:\pyramidtut> %VENV%\Scripts\python setup.py sdist

The output of such a command will be something like:

running sdist
# .. more output ..
creating dist
Creating tar archive
removing 'tutorial-0.0' (and everything under it)

Note that this command creates a tarball in the "dist" subdirectory named tutorial-0.0.tar.gz. You can send this file to your friends to show them your cool new application. They should be able to install it by pointing the easy_install command directly at it. Or you can upload it to PyPI and share it with the rest of the world, where it can be downloaded via easy_install remotely like any other package people download from PyPI.