Version:2.0, released 2012-02-12
Discuss:pylons-discuss list
Author:Mike Orr
Contributors:Michael Merickel, Marcin Lulek

Akhet is a Pyramid library and demo application with a Pylons-like feel.

Main changes in version 2: (A) The ‘akhet’ scaffold gone, replaced by a demo application, which you can cut and paste from. (B) General Pyramid/Pylons material has been moved out of the manual to the Pyramid Cookbook, section Pyramid for Pylons Users guide. (The guide is not yet online as of February 2012.) (C) The include for static routes has changed to “akhet.static”, but “akhet” is still allowed for backward compatibility. (D) A new pony module. (E) The repository is now on GitHub in the Pylons Project.

The demo is distributed separately from the Akhet. Its repository URL is in the Demo section.

Akhet runs on Python 2.5 - 2.7. Version 2 has been tested on Pyramid 1.3a6 and 1.2.4 using Pyramid 2.7.2 on Ubuntu Linux 11.10. The next Akhet version, 2.1, will focus on Python 3 and will drop Python 2.5. The demo application currently has the same compatibility range as Akhet itself.

The word “akhet” is the name of the hieroglyph that is Pylons’ icon: a sun shining over two pylons. It means “horizon” or “mountain of light”.

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