Other Interfaces

interface IExceptionResponse[source]

Extends: pyramid.interfaces.IException, pyramid.interfaces.IResponse

An interface representing a WSGI response which is also an exception object. Register an exception view using this interface as a context to apply the registered view for all exception types raised by Pyramid internally (pyramid.exceptions.NotFound and pyramid.exceptions.Forbidden).

interface IRoute[source]

Interface representing the type of object returned from IRoutesMapper.get_route

interface IRoutePregenerator[source]
interface ISession[source]

An interface representing a session (a web session object, usually accessed via request.session.

Keys and values of a session must be pickleable.

interface ISessionFactory[source]

An interface representing a factory which accepts a request object and returns an ISession object

interface IRendererInfo[source]

An object implementing this interface is passed to every renderer factory constructor as its only argument (conventionally named info)

interface ITemplateRenderer[source]

Extends: pyramid.interfaces.IRenderer

interface IViewMapperFactory[source]
interface IViewMapper[source]