class static_view(root_dir, cache_max_age=3600, package_name=None, use_subpath=False, index='index.html')[source]

An instance of this class is a callable which can act as a Pyramid view callable; this view will serve static files from a directory on disk based on the root_dir you provide to its constructor.

The directory may contain subdirectories (recursively); the static view implementation will descend into these directories as necessary based on the components of the URL in order to resolve a path into a response.

You may pass an absolute or relative filesystem path or a asset specification representing the directory containing static files as the root_dir argument to this class’ constructor.

If the root_dir path is relative, and the package_name argument is None, root_dir will be considered relative to the directory in which the Python file which calls static resides. If the package_name name argument is provided, and a relative root_dir is provided, the root_dir will be considered relative to the Python package specified by package_name (a dotted path to a Python package).

cache_max_age influences the Expires and Max-Age response headers returned by the view (default is 3600 seconds or five minutes).

use_subpath influences whether request.subpath will be used as PATH_INFO when calling the underlying WSGI application which actually serves the static files. If it is True, the static application will consider request.subpath as PATH_INFO input. If it is False, the static application will consider request.environ[PATH_INFO] as PATH_INFO input. By default, this is False.


If the root_dir is relative to a package, or is a asset specification the Pyramid pyramid.config.Configurator method can be used to override assets within the named root_dir package-relative directory. However, if the root_dir is absolute, configuration will not be able to override the assets it contains.