Source code for pyramid.exceptions

from pyramid.httpexceptions import (

NotFound = HTTPNotFound # bw compat
Forbidden = HTTPForbidden # bw compat

CR = '\n'

class PredicateMismatch(HTTPNotFound):
    Internal exception (not an API) raised by multiviews when no
    view matches.  This exception subclasses the ``NotFound``
    exception only one reason: if it reaches the main exception
    handler, it should be treated like a ``NotFound`` by any exception
    view registrations.

[docs]class URLDecodeError(UnicodeDecodeError): """ This exception is raised when :app:`Pyramid` cannot successfully decode a URL or a URL path segment. This exception it behaves just like the Python builtin :exc:`UnicodeDecodeError`. It is a subclass of the builtin :exc:`UnicodeDecodeError` exception only for identity purposes, mostly so an exception view can be registered when a URL cannot be decoded. """
[docs]class ConfigurationError(Exception): """ Raised when inappropriate input values are supplied to an API method of a :term:`Configurator`"""
class ConfigurationConflictError(ConfigurationError): """ Raised when a configuration conflict is detected during action processing""" def __init__(self, conflicts): self._conflicts = conflicts def __str__(self): r = ["Conflicting configuration actions"] items = sorted(self._conflicts.items()) for discriminator, infos in items: r.append(" For: %s" % (discriminator, )) for info in infos: for line in str(info).rstrip().split(CR): r.append(" "+line) return CR.join(r) class ConfigurationExecutionError(ConfigurationError): """An error occurred during execution of a configuration action """ def __init__(self, etype, evalue, info): self.etype, self.evalue, = etype, evalue, info def __str__(self): return "%s: %s\n in:\n %s" % (self.etype, self.evalue, class CyclicDependencyError(Exception): """ The exception raised when the Pyramid topological sorter detects a cyclic dependency.""" def __init__(self, cycles): self.cycles = cycles def __str__(self): L = [] cycles = self.cycles for cycle in cycles: dependent = cycle dependees = cycles[cycle] L.append('%r sorts before %r' % (dependent, dependees)) msg = 'Implicit ordering cycle:' + '; '.join(L) return msg