Source code for pyramid.tweens

import sys

from pyramid.httpexceptions import HTTPNotFound
from pyramid.util import reraise

def _error_handler(request, exc):
    # NOTE: we do not need to delete exc_info because this function
    # should never be in the call stack of the exception
    exc_info = sys.exc_info()

        response = request.invoke_exception_view(exc_info)
    except HTTPNotFound:
        # re-raise the original exception as no exception views were
        # able to handle the error

    return response

[docs] def excview_tween_factory(handler, registry): """A :term:`tween` factory which produces a tween that catches an exception raised by downstream tweens (or the main Pyramid request handler) and, if possible, converts it into a Response using an :term:`exception view`. .. versionchanged:: 1.9 The ``request.response`` will be remain unchanged even if the tween handles an exception. Previously it was deleted after handling an exception. Also, ``request.exception`` and ``request.exc_info`` are only set if the tween handles an exception and returns a response otherwise they are left at their original values. """ def excview_tween(request): try: response = handler(request) except Exception as exc: response = _error_handler(request, exc) return response return excview_tween
MAIN = 'MAIN' INGRESS = 'INGRESS' EXCVIEW = 'pyramid.tweens.excview_tween_factory'