Pyramid cookiecutters

A cookiecutter is a command-line utility that creates projects from cookiecutters (project templates).

The Pylons Project supports one official Pyramid cookiecutter pyramid-cookiecutter-starter.

Cookiecutters that use Pyramid can be found using a search of the GitHub topic "cookiecutter-template" for "Pyramid".

You can extend Pyramid by creating a cookiecutter project template. This is useful if you would like to distribute a customizable configuration of Pyramid to other users. Once you have created a cookiecutter, other people can use it to create a custom version of your Pyramid application.

New in version 1.8: Added cookiecutter support.

Changed in version 1.10: Merged features from pyramid-cookiecutter-alchemy and pyramid-cookiecutter-zodb into the single cookiecutter to rule them all, pyramid-cookiecutter-starter.

Deprecated since version 1.10: pyramid-cookiecutter-alchemy and pyramid-cookiecutter-zodb are no longer supported. Use pyramid-cookiecutter-starter going forward.


See Cookiecutter Installation to get started.

Then see the README of pyramid-cookiecutter-starter for its usage to generate a starter project.

The pyramid-cookiecutter-starter on its main branch is a good starting point to develop your own cookiecutter. Development of cookiecutters is documented under Learn the Basics of Cookiecutter by Creating a Cookiecutter. See Cookiecutter Features for details of what is possible.