This command serves a web application that uses a PasteDeploy configuration file for the server and application.

You can also include variable assignments like 'http_port=8080' and then use %(http_port)s in your config files.

usage: pserve [-h] [-n NAME] [-s SERVER_TYPE] [--server-name SECTION_NAME]
              [--reload] [--reload-interval RELOAD_INTERVAL] [-b] [-v] [-q]
              [config_uri] [config_vars ...]

The URI to the configuration file.


Variables required by the config file. For example, http_port=%(http_port)s would expect http_port=8080 to be passed here.

-h, --help

show this help message and exit

-n <name>, --app-name <name>

Load the named application (default main)

-s <server_type>, --server <server_type>

Use the named server.

--server-name <section_name>

Use the named server as defined in the configuration file (default: main)


Use auto-restart file monitor

--reload-interval <reload_interval>

Seconds between checking files (low number can cause significant CPU usage)

-b, --browser

Open a web browser to the server url. The server url is determined from the 'open_url' setting in the 'pserve' section of the configuration file.

-v, --verbose

Set verbose level (default 1)

-q, --quiet

Suppress verbose output