Print, for a given URL, the views that might match. Underneath each potentially matching route, list the predicates required. Underneath each route+predicate set, print each view that might match and its predicates.

This command accepts two positional arguments: 'config_uri' specifies the PasteDeploy config file to use for the interactive shell. The format is 'inifile#name'. If the name is left off, 'main' will be assumed. 'url' specifies the path info portion of a URL that will be used to find matching views. Example: 'proutes myapp.ini#main /url'

usage: pviews [-h] [config_uri] [url] [config_vars ...]

The URI to the configuration file.


The path info portion of the URL.


Variables required by the config file. For example, http_port=%(http_port)s would expect http_port=8080 to be passed here.

-h, --help

show this help message and exit