• Provide an example of using a newrequest subscriber to mutate the request, providing additional user data from a database based on the current authenticated userid.
  • Provide an example of adding a database connection to settings in __init__ and using it from a view.
  • Provide an example of a catchall 500 error view.
  • Redirecting to a URL with Parameters:
[22:04] <AGreatJewel> How do I redirect to a url and set some GET params?
some thing like return HTTPFound(location="whatever", params={ params here })
[22:05] <mcdonc> return HTTPFound(location="whatever?a=1&b=2")
[22:06] <AGreatJewel> ok. and I would need to urlencode the entire string?
[22:06] <AGreatJewel> or is that handled automatically
[22:07] <mcdonc> its a url
[22:07] <mcdonc> like you'd type into the browser