Exception view
An exception view is a :Pyramid view callable which may be invoked when an exception is raised during request processing.
A Python “standard library” logging module logger. See for more information about Python standard library logging.
A web framework.
A bit of code that sits between the Pyramid router’s main request handling function and the upstream WSGI component that uses Pyramid as its ‘app’. The word “tween” is a contraction of “between”. A tween may be used by Pyramid framework extensions, to provide, for example, Pyramid-specific view timing support, bookkeeping code that examines exceptions before they are returned to the upstream WSGI application, or a variety of other features. Tweens behave a bit like WSGI ‘middleware’ but they have the benefit of running in a context in which they have access to the Pyramid application registry as well as the Pyramid rendering machinery. See the main Pyramid documentation for more information about tweens.