pyramid_handlers API

pyramid_handlers.add_handler(self, route_name, pattern, handler, action=None, **kw)

Add a Pylons-style view handler. This function adds a route and some number of views based on a handler object (usually a class).

This function should never be called directly; instead the pyramid_handlers.includeme function should be used to include this function into an application; the function will thereafter be available as a method of the resulting configurator.

route_name is the name of the route (to be used later in URL generation).

pattern is the matching pattern, e.g. '/blog/{action}'.

handler is a dotted name of (or direct reference to) a Python handler class, e.g. 'my.package.handlers.MyHandler'.

If {action} or :action is in the pattern, the exposed methods of the handler will be used as views.

If action is passed, it will be considered the method name of the handler to use as a view.

Passing both action and having an {action} in the route pattern is disallowed.

Any extra keyword arguments are passed along to add_route.

See views_chapter for more explanatory documentation.

class pyramid_handlers.action(**kw)

Decorate a method for registration by add_handler().

Keyword arguments are identical to view_config, with the exception to how the name argument is used.

Designate an alternate action name, rather than the default behavior of registering a view with the action name being set to the methods name.