Source code for pyramid_mailer

from pyramid_mailer.mailer import Mailer
from pyramid_mailer.interfaces import IMailer

[docs]def mailer_factory_from_settings(settings, prefix='mail.'): """ Factory function to create a Mailer instance from settings. Equivalent to :meth:`pyramid_mailer.mailer.Mailer.from_settings`. :versionadded: 0.2.2 """ return Mailer.from_settings(settings, prefix)
def includeme(config): """ Registers a mailer instance. :versionadded: 0.4 """ settings = config.registry.settings prefix = settings.get('pyramid_mailer.prefix', 'mail.') mailer = mailer_factory_from_settings(settings, prefix=prefix) _set_mailer(config, mailer) def _set_mailer(config, mailer): """Set mailer in application config. Also adds a ``.mailer`` request property. """ config.registry.registerUtility(mailer, IMailer) if hasattr(config, 'add_request_method'): config.add_request_method(get_mailer, 'mailer', reify=True)
[docs]def get_mailer(request): """Obtain a mailer previously registered via ``config.include('pyramid_mailer')`` or ``config.include('pyramid_mailer.testing')``. The mailer instance will be re-bound to the transaction manager set via ```` if available. :versionadded: 0.4 """ registry = getattr(request, 'registry', None) if registry is None: registry = request mailer = registry.getUtility(IMailer) tm = getattr(request, 'tm', None) if tm: mailer = mailer.bind(transaction_manager=tm) return mailer