data manager
The transaction package wraps data managers implemented for different transactional backends, such as SQLAlchemy (zope.sqlalchemy), but also many others.
dotted Python name
A reference to a Python object by name using a string, in the form Often used in Pyramid and Setuptools configurations. A variant is used in dotted names within configurator method arguments that name objects (such as the "add_view" method's "view" and "context" attributes): the colon (:) is not used; in its place is a dot.
A web framework.
A retryable exception is any exception that is recognized as retryable by an active data manager. These errors usually inherit from transaction.interfaces.TransientError. These errors are temporary and thus marked as retryable. For example, a serialization error in a database resulting from concurrent transactions.
A database transaction comprises a unit of work performed within a database management system. In the context of the Pyramid documentation, "transaction" is also the name of a Python package used by pyramid_tm.