Pyramid Tutorials

This is the listing of tutorials for the Pyramid web framework.

For support and bug reports, contact the authors of the tutorial through their support channels.

To add other tutorials to this list, please submit an issue or pull request via the Pyramid Tutorials repo on GitHub.

Listed tutorials meet the following qualifications:

  • tutorial format
  • compatible with a recent, supported release of Pyramid
  • sufficient support and maintenance by their authors and contributors

The source of various tutorials is noted under the column "code repo".

ET is the estimated time to complete each tutorial.

name/link ET* title description code repo features
quick_tutorial 8h Quick Tutorial for Pyramid Introduction to and high-level tour of Pyramid's major features. pyramid
  • Most, if not all
firstapp 1h Creating Your First Pyramid Application "Hello World" pyramid
  • URL dispatch
wiki 4h ZODB + Traversal Wiki Tutorial Create a wiki using ZODB and traversal pyramid
  • traversal
  • ZODB
  • security
wiki2 4h SQLAlchemy + URL Dispatch Wiki Tutorial Create a wiki using SQLAlchemy and URL dispatch pyramid
  • URL dispatch
  • SQLAlchemy
  • security
entrepreneurs 15h Python for Entrepreneurs Build an ecommerce app for a rock band, with good marketing and design mikeckennedy_ent  
consuming_http 5h Consuming HTTP Services in Python Use Pyramid to consume HTTP services in various data formats (e.g., JSON, XML, HTML, SOAP) mikeckennedy_http  
restful 8h RESTful and HTTP APIs in Pyramid Build RESTful services using Pyramid and SQLAlchemy mikeckennedy_restful  
data_driven 5h Building data-driven web applications with Pyramid and SQLAlchemy Build modern data-driven web applications mikeckennedy_data-driven  
birdie 4h Birdie Tutorial: a simple Twitter clone presented by Carlos de la Guardia at OSCON 2011 and PyCon USA 2012 cguardia_tut  
blogr 4h pyramid_blogr Tutorial inspired by Flaskr app from the Flask Web Framework Tutorial pyramid_blogr
  • URL dispatch
  • SQLAlchemy
  • Jinja2
  • security
  • WTForms
  • pagination
pycharm 1h Using PyCharm with Pyramid A getting started guide for Pyramid using PyCharm pyramid_cookbook  
single_file 2h Todo List Application in One File very short; a.k.a. The Single File tasks Tutorial pyramid_cookbook  
todopyramid 4h ToDo Pyramid App Tutorial ToDo App from Python Web Shootout by SixFeet, Inc Demo here: todopyramid
  • URL dispatch
  • SQLAlchemy
  • Deform (with bootstrap)
  • Chameleon
  • Mozilla Persona (using pyramid_persona)
  • WebHelpers
  • Custom NotFound view
traversal 2d Quick Tutorial for Traversal Overview of traversal: Hierarchies, views, etc. pyramid_cookbook
  • Site root
  • Hierarchy
  • Type-specific views
  • Adding content
  • ZODB persistence
  • SQL persistence
  • SQLAlchemy

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