The include directive includes configuration from an external ZCML file. Use of the include tag allows a user to split configuration across multiple ZCML files, and allows package distributors to provide default ZCML configuration for specific purposes which can be included by the integrator of the package as necessary.



A dotted Python name which references a Python package.


An absolute or relative filename which references a ZCML file.

The package and file attributes can be used together or separately as necessary.


Loading the File Named configure.zcml from a Package Implicitly

1<include package="some.package" />

Loading the File Named other.zcml From the Current Package

1<include file="other.zcml" />

Loading a File From a Subdirectory of the Current Package

1<include file="subdir/other.zcml" />

Loading the File Named /absolute/path/other.zcml

1<include file="/absolute/path/other.zcml" />

Loading the File Named other.zcml From a Package Explicitly

1<include package="some.package" file="other.zcml" />



See Also

See also Hello World, Goodbye World (Declarative).