WebHelpers development is coordinated on the pylons-discuss list. Proposals for new helpers and offers to help with coding or documentation are always welcome. Please post any bug reports or outlines for new helpers to the bug tracker.

New helpers are considered if they conform to the following criteria:

  • Is it useful in a wide variety of applications, especially web applications?
  • Does it avoid dependencies outside the Python standard library, especially C extensions which are hard to install on Windows and Macintosh?
  • Is it too small to be released as its own project, and is there no other Python project more appropriate for it?
  • Does it work on all Python versions from 2.4 to the latest 2.x? (Python 3 is not yet supported.)
  • A small number of Pylons-specific helpers are accepted for the webhelpers.pylonslib package. These are ones that offer significant advantages over framework-neutral implementations, are too peripheral for the Pylons core, and are too widely useful to exclude. The docstring should explain how to port it to another web framework.