This module is DEPRECATED. Please use webhelpers.html.grid in new applications. Support for paged grids has been added to that module in a framework-neutral way.

PYRAMID USERS: This implementation is incompatible with Pyramid. Use webhelpers.html.grid instead.

class webhelpers.pylonslib.grid.PylonsGrid(request, *args, **kw)

Subclass of Grid that can handle header link generation for quick building of tables that support ordering of their contents, paginated results etc.

This handles generation of link and then decides to call self.default_header_ordered_column_format or self.default_header_column_format based on if current column is the one that is used for sorting or not

class webhelpers.pylonslib.grid.PylonsObjectGrid(request, *args, **kw)

This grid will work well with sqlalchemy row instances