webob.multidict – multi-value dictionary object

Gives a multi-value dictionary object (MultiDict) plus several wrappers

class webob.multidict.MultiDict(*args, **kw)

An ordered dictionary that can have multiple values for each key. Adds the methods getall, getone, mixed and extend and add to the normal dictionary interface.

add(key, value)

Add the key and value, not overwriting any previous value.


Returns a dictionary where each key is associated with a list of values.

classmethod from_fieldstorage(fs)

Create a dict from a cgi.FieldStorage instance

get(k[, d]) → D[k] if k in D, else d. d defaults to None.

Return a list of all values matching the key (may be an empty list)


Get one value matching the key, raising a KeyError if multiple values were found.


Returns a dictionary where the values are either single values, or a list of values when a key/value appears more than once in this dictionary. This is similar to the kind of dictionary often used to represent the variables in a web request.

classmethod view_list(lst)

Create a dict that is a view on the given list

class webob.multidict.NestedMultiDict(*dicts)

Wraps several MultiDict objects, treating it as one large MultiDict

class webob.multidict.NoVars(reason=None)

Represents no variables; used when no variables are applicable.

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