webob -- Request/Response objects



Parses a variety of Accept-* headers.

These headers generally take the form of:

value1; q=0.5, value2; q=0

Where the q parameter is optional. In theory other parameters exists, but this ignores them.

class webob.acceptparse.Accept(header_value)

Represents a generic Accept-* style header.

This object should not be modified. To add items you can use accept_obj + 'accept_thing' to get a new object

best_match(offers, default_match=None)

Returns the best match in the sequence of offered types.

The sequence can be a simple sequence, or you can have (match, server_quality) items in the sequence. If you have these tuples then the client quality is multiplied by the server_quality to get a total. If two matches have equal weight, then the one that shows up first in the offers list will be returned.

But among matches with the same quality the match to a more specific requested type will be chosen. For example a match to text/* trumps /.

default_match (default None) is returned if there is no intersection.

static parse(value)

Parse Accept-* style header.

Return iterator of (value, quality) pairs. quality defaults to 1.

quality(offer, modifier=1)

Return the quality of the given offer. Returns None if there is no match (not 0).

class webob.acceptparse.MIMEAccept(header_value)

Represents the Accept header, which is a list of mimetypes.

This class knows about mime wildcards, like image/*


Returns true if any HTML-like type is accepted


Returns true if any HTML-like type is accepted


class webob.cachecontrol.CacheControl(properties, type)

Represents the Cache-Control header.

By giving a type of 'request' or 'response' you can control what attributes are allowed (some Cache-Control values only apply to requests or responses).


Returns a copy of this object.

classmethod parse(header, updates_to=None, type=None)

Parse the header, returning a CacheControl object.

The object is bound to the request or response object updates_to, if that is given.


alias of UpdateDict


class webob.etag.ETagMatcher(etags)
classmethod parse(value, strong=True)

Parse this from a header value

Misc Functions and Internals


HTML-escape a string or object

This converts any non-string objects passed into it to strings (actually, using unicode()). All values returned are non-unicode strings (using &#num; entities for all non-ASCII characters).

None is treated specially, and returns the empty string.

class webob.headers.ResponseHeaders(*args, **kw)

Dictionary view on the response headerlist. Keys are normalized for case and whitespace.

class webob.headers.EnvironHeaders(environ)

An object that represents the headers as present in a WSGI environment.

This object is a wrapper (with no internal state) for a WSGI request object, representing the CGI-style HTTP_* keys as a dictionary. Because a CGI environment can only hold one value for each key, this dictionary is single-valued (unlike outgoing headers).

class webob.cachecontrol.UpdateDict

Dict that has a callback on all updates