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HTTP client/server utilities

This module contains some helpers to deal with the real http world.

class webtest.http.StopableWSGIServer(application, *args, **kwargs)[source]

StopableWSGIServer is a WSGIServer which run in a separated thread. This allow to use tools like casperjs or selenium.

Server instance have an application_url attribute formated with the server host and port.

classmethod create(application, **kwargs)[source]

Start a server to serve application. Return a server instance.


Run the server


Shutdown the server


Wait until the server is started

wrapper(environ, start_response)[source]

Wrap the wsgi application to override some path:

/__application__: allow to ping the server.

/__file__?__file__={path}: serve the file found at path

webtest.http.check_server(host, port, path_info='/', timeout=3, retries=30)[source]

Perform a request until the server reply

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